As role models for students in Years 7 to 11, Sixth Form students are expected to dress appropriately for the school day.  School is a learning environment and as such should be regarded as a place of work, therefore appropriate, professional clothing should be worn.

Restricted Items

Leggings (unless timetabled for dance)
Ripped/torn clothing
Offensive or inappropriate clothing
Tracksuit bottoms
Strappy/low cut/crop tops
Flip flops
High heels
Bright artificially coloured hair
Students must avoid extremes of fashion
Permitted Items
One nose stud is allowed
Jeans (just not ripped)
Tailored shorts
Skirt/dress of appropriate length
Shirt/blouse/ tops (that do not fall within the restricted items)
 Concern  Action  Communication
 Student is dressed inappropriately (wearing a restricted item on the Dress Code)  Teacher to record on SIMs as a uniform issue within behaviour, with details of what aspect of the dress code is not being followed.  Warning given to student and a detention set with KS5.
 If problem persists  Teacher sends pupil to DTQ, SDW, TS, JBF or a member of SLT.  DTQ, SDW, SDL or SLT will send pupil home to get changed.
 If problem persists  Student will be placed on uniform report requiring them to get their report signed for every session in the day by their teacher before showing a member of the KS5 team at the end of each day.

DTQ/SDW/SDL to inform teachers that the student is on report.

DTQ/SDW/SDL to phone home and advise parents


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