Qualifications are what girls get; they do not define who they are and will play only a part in shaping who they become. Our academic curriculum therefore is only a part of what we do.

Complementing our traditional, rigorous academic curriculum our personal challenge programme ensures our girls leave us with a strong academic portfolio of qualifications, highly developed interpersonal skills, self-confidence, self- motivation and a broad range of interests - The FSGBacc!

Our Curriculum – why personal development/character education matters


The Folkestone School for Girls has a long established and enviable reputation of delivering outstanding academic results. However, in response to the questions posed by Aristotle all those years ago, we believe that education must maintain a balance between intellect and character. An outstanding education is not either/or. It is both. 

Students therefore do not complete an inordinate amount of qualifications as a matter of course. Instead, students at FSG complete what we believe to be a sensible number of qualifications. This allows students time to focus efforts on achieving the very best grades within these but also time to participate in co-curricular activities and interests – both at school and at home, and additionally, time to spend with friends and family. A justifiable balance between intellect and character.

‘Know thyself’ said Socrates.

The FSGBacc pushes you out of your comfort zone; challenges you to test yourself; to pit you against you be that on the sports field, the mountain bike trail, the climbing wall or the stage; on expedition with Duke of Edinburgh or on night exercises with the CCF? You will learn to know yourself; and all that you can do.

You are capable of more than you know. If we can help you to realise that then you will never settle for anything less.

The Folkestone School for Girls provides access to a wealth of additional opportunities within school. There are opportunities in to take part in a host of different sports clubs and competitions, to participate in our many Dance and Drama productions or indeed to sing or play in one of our many choirs, ensembles or musical evenings. Students in years 9, 10 and beyond can access the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme. We also have Debating Societies, Young Magistrates, CCF, Young Enterprise and many other clubs and activities throughout the year. This booklet contains full details of all that we offer. Click here to download the booklet

We believe this is in an incredibly important part of education. Being part of a club or organisation requires teamwork and commitment. It develops self-confidence and simply can allow us all to grow and flourish in other arenas. Employers too are looking for these attributes. A broad and strong portfolio of academic qualifications is important but equally so is the chance to demonstrate what else you have done and can do! What will you talk about at a job or university interview? What would be your talking point?

With that in mind, our school website also provides information (via the ‘information’ drop down menu) on many other clubs and activities available locally that might be of interest and girls may consider joining. Many are free. Some do have a small fee. All allow you the opportunity to do something you may not otherwise have the opportunity to do and to grow, develop and enjoy an interest away from school.



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